Jul. 19th, 2017 10:08 pm
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Okay, I have set an alarm to call the doctor's tomorrow. *sigh* Let's hope I manage, since there's yet another thing I will have to be driving for.

I did walk for an hour and a half, watching Star Trek: Renegades. (The pre-scrubbing version.)

1: It has a Liberated Borg in it, who got some Very Cool Bits although not as many as I would have liked. He also had one infodump that they should've directed at The New Guy, but they also had nanite SFX so I will forgive this. (...did I mention I am Borg Trash? Ten wants to adopt him.)

2: It has a snarky female captain. I can work with this. They aren't quite writing her as smart as she's supposed to be, but hey, she looks pretty good doing it.

3: After they got the main cast set up, they apparently decided that if they were going to have a secondary character, they might as well make it a female one. I LIKE THIS. Also, that is one buxom Andorian.

4: I'm pretty sure that's a Romulan there. I am on board with this. Chekov, where are you meeting Romulan assassins? ...nevermind. Woman gets very few lines but she is Alertly Present and Kills People Without Hesitation. I believe she's competent and specialized.

5: I will admit, the fight scenes are frequently dubiously-choreographed and a bit muddy. I think the script-writers went "Insert Fight Scene; Heroes [Win/Lose]" for most or all of them. Whatevs. I will watch Borg-boy shoot people with his reconfigurable arm even if the plot is bad.

6: Some of the leaps in logic require a bit of audience-effort, and one of them really needed a clarification in the script, as I was going, "Um, WAIT WHAT HOW ARE YOU BEAMING DOWN THERE?"

7: The SFX are at least TOS level on the ground, and extremely good with the ships. There's one scene with a Starfleet ship [spoiler spoiler] that just looks sweet. Where the SFX get a little clunky is mostly where they're trying to be ambitious, and honestly, there was some pretty clunky SFX in the first Star Trek Movie where the giant space storm was destroying Klingon ships and whatnot, and we will NOT discuss the Weird Bad LSD Trip Warp scene, come to think of it.

8: I think some of the redshirted characters had a lot more that coulda been done with them, but yeah, they had too many characters to drag around everywhere, and needed to chop some down. kinda-spoiler )

9: Apparently the fact that I really warmed up to Soval, in ST:ENT, means that I have a positive reaction to his actor, even when he's playing a human. Took me enough double-takes to decide it really was him!

10: I have seen the serial-number-filing-off stuff on Requiem and am facepalming, with sad snickers. (I really, really think that CBS should figure out a better method of controlling fan-films. Possibly involving licensing-as-AU, some amount of work-for-hire disclaimers, and a buyout option. These things feed a hunger, and I suspect that the hunger grows to encompass available material; I would want to watch official stuff more. Though they really would need to require a ginormous disclaimer like, "There are many timelines. This FAN-MADE PRODUCTION is but one of them. Who knows how the main timeline will go? CBS and Paramount, not us." In a Star-Wars type crawl, even. >_>)

Anyway. It was also a long-drive day (which is why I'm really annoyed that I forgot about calling the doctor, what with nipping out the door fast to get to a breakfast restaurant before it closes), but ze spouse took ze kid to that, and I stayed here. And mostly walked and watched Renegades 1. (Which is better than its promo trailer, actually!)

Please well-wishes for mmegaera, who is getting a lot of biopsies done soon, early.

Havva Quote
I__ says, "I got a sextuple kill."
I__ says, "That was the ENTKRE ENEMY TEAM."
--From the kid playing Overwatch t'other day

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Did not call the doctor's yet.

Jul. 18th, 2017 11:50 pm
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Mostly because I woke up around 2 in the afternoon (having gotten to bed around 4 in the morning) and the kid was probably awake till 5 or 5:30. Then we went... ah, right, Mexican place. Which was okay, except then they TURNED ON LOUD MUSIC and the baby at the other booth yelled baby disapproval and kid had meltdown and we fled. But I did get the headphones cord! I'd wondered if it'd gotten set down ON THE MENU and then folded into the menu and apparently YES! WE FOUND IT! So that was good. So we ran off to Local Americana Food Place where we have our own special booth, practically, and the dining room is frequently all but deserted (or entirely deserted) when we go -- clientele are often up in the upstairs, separated-at-the-atrium bar -- ...where was I?

Oh, right, we went there because there is almost always nice and low-sensory-impact, and it was nearly 5pm by the time we got out.

And then we had dinner just now at 10, and also it is trash night, and anyway I need to call the doctor tomorrow about the bruise to see if I have a vitamin problem or if it's something actually scary. O:p

Still puttering on the almost-no-imagination-required bits that I'm doing for that GURPS thing. Making myself a cheat-sheet for stuff even if it doesn't stay. Hah.

Edit: Please well-wishes for mmegaera, who is getting a lot of biopsies done tomorrow early.

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Whoa! ...okay, flying into a wall was not my finest moment.
--Kid playing Overwatch

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Bruised arm? Huh.

Jul. 18th, 2017 12:20 am
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Giant bruise on the back of my arm. No clue how it got there. Similar to one on the back of my calf at one point, which I figured I must've gotten by catching it on the edge of the kid's toy-chest (now a Flat Surface), though I couldn't recall when.

Also a probably unrelated weird bump on the other arm. O:p

Due to sheer paranoia, I think I will call the doctor soon. These are kinda alarming and... really, look more like blood vessels that went splody, more than actual bruise-damage. O:/

Right knee is very unhappy with me, off and on, but I am okay for flat surfaces. I just have to be careful going up and down stairs.

Got to bed at only around 3 in the morning last dark, yay!

Still futzing on that GURPS thing. Which is, upon re-reading, probably quite cool. But entirely undreamedof, and thus probably unwanted, and there are Other Factors. O:p

But it's something I can futz with that doesn't require actual creativity just now. Or at least not plot/character creativity. Mechanics Creativity.

I must get time to watch Star Trek Renegades on YouTube, because it looks like there is a Liberated Borg in it and okay, I'm in. Because I am both Greenblood Trash (Tuvok as chief of Section 31? I'm on board with this) and Borg Trash.

Another thing on YouTube, with HISTORICAL VALUE!

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Oh frag no. I do not wanna be in the middle of the enemy team. I really do not.
--Kid was playing Overwatch

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Jul. 16th, 2017 08:58 pm
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Not as crippled by all that walking as I might've been, but legs definitely a bit sore.

Coulda done with getting to sleep before 5 in the morning again.

Have poked at a GURPS thing that who knows if I'll bother submitting. *sigh* But I'll finish it up and see what unwieldy wordcount it ends up being. I should be working on something I can publish myself, like Dragonsmutwhatsmut and CLB, but noooooo.

On Flight Rising, someone bought one of my dragons-for-sale for 175 gems... and exalted him. I cannot even. There were far cheaper dragons around. *shakes head* I am being annoyed all the way to the bank, though. 175 gems is useful. Especially since I am going to need to drop another 1,200 gems on Stained at some point. After I get me a couple of the new Rosette secondary genes. Already scored a Jaguar.

(Someone tell haikujaguar that Flight Rising is stocking her gene.)

Ah, and for the non-Zon among us, some Pick Your Own Vendor links for some books. Not mine. But. for A Rational Arrangement for Further Arrangements for The Moon Etherium

Havva Quote
   WHOOAAA, that was NOT what I was hoping for!
   Namely, D.Va to the face.
--Kid while playing Overwatch.

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whoops, or how time flies

Jul. 17th, 2017 12:56 am
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I apologise. But it's hectic here.

Work (as whined about in a few previous entries) is in overdrive. And writing is also, well, fairly hectic. I've just finished going through the copy-edits for the US version of The Lost Plot, and I have the proof-pages of the UK version waiting to be read through. And book five to write, of course.

I'm not getting much else done.

I have rewarded myself (expensively) by booking a couple of theatre tickets for when I'm in Vienna in October - for Don Giovanni at the Opera House, and the less-highbrow but still fun Tanz der Vampire at the Ronmacher Theatre later in the week. One forgets what theatre tickets these days cost until one has to buy them. Still, I'd rather pay a bit more and have good seats, than pay less and spend the holiday regretting not having sprung for good seats.

Oh, and I see that the next Doctor Who is going to be a woman. Should be interesting. Fingers crossed she gets good writing - I can see that she's already a good actress.

I. Have walked. 11 miles.

Jul. 16th, 2017 12:17 am
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SO MUCH WALKING. Because I walked and ended the workout and walked again and it didn't tip over and @AppleSupport said no, it had to be one workout but you could Pause and ARGH, so I did it AGAIN. And the treadmill does 2mph but the stride-length calculations on my watch think it's like 1-1.5 or something so I walked A HECK OF A LOT LONGER THAN 3.5 MILES. TWICE.

My legs hurt.

Kid continues sick and will need Something to eat before bed, because the takeout ordered was deemed a Mistake and not very tasty. I have marked it as Not Good on the menu so we will remember in the future.

My legs really, really hurt.

I have also been productive in finally mending spouse's pajama bottoms. I need to get him new ones.

My legs hurt so much.

My feet also hurt. So, so much.

Havva Quote
Romulan ale was even a challenge for species as stout as the Klingons, who were usually quite resistant to the effects of alcohol. After drinking a sizable amount of Romulan ale in celebration of William T. Riker and Deanna Troi's wedding in 2379, Worf, obviously suffering its effects, stated that "Romulan ale should be illegal", to which Geordi La Forge replied, "It is." (Star Trek Nemesis)

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...and I will shout, "BLOODY HELLS!" And then follow on with bellowing, "STOP IT! THAT IS ILLEGAL IN [this town]*! YOU ARE DRIVING MY KID UP THE WALL! YOU HEAR ME?" Whilst approaching with a full head of steam as the culprits nip into their garage and close the door without answering. (Because I'd walked out in my bare feet and was standing at the end of the driveway, and I'd been planning on going and knocking on someone's door when I found out where the fireworks were coming from. But NO! This ginormous red-white-blue thing goes off about 80 feet from me, KABOOM, and it didn't reach all that high, either -- maybe above the rooftop of the house? Maybe? 2 story house. (That's ground floor and a floor above it, for the UK audience.)

So I went back inside, snarling, and called the non-emergency cop line and asked if they could swing by and make frowny-faces at our neighbors. Which they did, and the result was, "The guy's 16-year-old niece was over with her boyfriend and they'd left, but the officer who swung by explained that No More Fireworks was the order of the day," according to the dispatcher lady.

So. That was MY excitement for the day. *FUME*

*Footnote: it is illegal to set off fireworks in this town without a permit. Which they clearly did not have, as they vanished with haste instead of calling, "We have a permit!" Therefore, the statement stands.

Spouse is writing what is effectively a white paper about why we need Net Neutrality. He will be forwarding it to one of our Senators or Congresscritters, too. I should make sure I've written something on that.

Anyway. Do not shoot off fireworks from your driveway. Especially do not do so when there is someone DRESSED ALL IN WHITE I MEAN COME ON I WAS A BLOODY HERALD OF VALDEMAR OUT THERE standing relatively nearby, to be startled. Go to the bloody cul-de-sac (we have like three of them in the neighborhood!) and blow off your fingers there.


I also continue to run on low sleep. Got to bed around 5am. *sigh*

Havva Quote
arcangel always hears "Ricotta" instead of "Rakata." CHEESE TECHNOLOGY.
I__ coaxes arcangel with whatever made the BLOOP back in '97.
I__ says, “The lightsaber does not taste like cinnamon, and the Rakata-tech DOES NOT TASTE LIKE CHEESE.”
arcangel [to I__]: Has anyone licked it?
----------------------Quoted by Ellie-----------------------
Kos chews on the Engine.
Jen'et says, "Uh-oh, Kos got possessed again."
Kos shakes his head. "It tastes like cheese!"
E•••• | A group of acolytes are gathered around a single acolyte facing a lit lightsaber, balanced on the floor. The group is chanting "LICK - THE - BLADE! LICK - THE - BLADE!"
arcangel SNRK.
arcangel says, “Ill-advised, that. Unless you want a cybernetic tongue.”
I__ says, “Well, that's one way to weed out the ones too stupid to be Sith.”
arcangel says, “...true.”

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Bed at five thirty in the morning...

Jul. 14th, 2017 01:12 am
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Partly due to offspring insomnia, and partly because the book I was reading whilst keeping kid company... Well, I was almost done by the time they went to sleep, okay? (Jackdaw, one of the same-world books as The Magpie Lord. It had taken me a bit of time to warm up to it, but I liked the ending. On to the next one!)

(I have this desire to find a review of these books by a gay guy, because I would like to know if I should be making technical notes for m/m stuff of my own, or going, "Well, this bit is problematic" and enjoying the problematic while making notes not to imitate the problematic stuff...)

Anyway, spouse had to get up at six thirty. I don't think I got much sleep before his alarm went off. I fell back asleep, though. Yay.

Kid is queasy still, which is bad, because this is cutting into work-on-VLACS time. *sigh* But the Xantax -- Zantac? Zantac... -- doesn't help, so it's a bug. We went... ah, right, the newest Chinese Buffet in town. (Plus sushi, desserts of a distinctly non-Asian sort, ice cream, fruit, salad bar...) Then I hung out with the kid up in the front bedroom and managed to finish the m/m smut/humor thing that... depends on knowing a rather long fanfic (look, it's over 75k words so by Hugo standards it's a bloody novel)... which depends on knowing my kid's unfinished fic, and has spoilers for it. So it's like cascading spoilers and GODS but I wish that universe would pack itself into storage so I can FINISH COPPER LEAF BARGAINS ALREADY OKAY IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK???

At least I know what I want to do on the next chunk of this CLB scene. I think. *headdesk* And I don't have the fluffy smut distracting me. And I don't need to worry if I got the m/m bits wrong because NEITHER ARE HUMAN HAHAHAHAHAHAH NEENER NEENER I CAN DO WHAT I WANT, especially since it's a timetravel-changed AU timeline so THINGS CAN BE DIFFERENT HAHAHAHAHAHAH.

Anyway, all three of us went out to Olive Garden! ALL THREE OF US! This makes me happy.

Havva Quote
E____ says, “Man, that Bothan was creepy.”
I__ says, “Oh, good.”
I__ did try.
M•• says, “Yeah, ancient Sith ghosts that are that busybusy are creepy.”
M•• still doesn't trust him to get Alecto coffee though.
M•• says, “ALL DEAD.”
arcangel heeheehee
--In retrospect, this may not make sense. Or maybe it does if you read through and fill in the blanks. It involves a Star Wars RPG game.

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Long Drive Day

Jul. 12th, 2017 10:58 pm
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And spouse is early to bed. And kid is cranky and/or sad for Reasons.

We stopped, at the other end of Long Drive, at a restaurant which is never open on Mondays -- the usual Long Drive day -- and thus we go past it a lot. It is intimidatingly fancy, but they let me in despite my jeans and t-shirt. Not many people were there, so we could get a good hide-out booth, yay! Prices were Definitely Expensive, but the waitress was awesome and casual, and the food was pretty darn good. (The ice tea was either oversteeped or made with coffee-water. But not so much that a packet of sugar couldn't fix it.)

We got a Standard Munchie of seed-sprinkles thin cracker-bread, and this foamed... oil? Thing? The waitress, R_____, explained it and that it was ovolacto-vegetarian-friendly, but I forget what the foamed part was. It was interesting! There was some oil drizzled on the top, and a sprinkle of black pepper, and it was pretty good.

We split a Watermelon Salad (which the chef put on 2 plates from the start for us, yay!), which was cubes of watermelon, slices of sweet-pickled Watermelon Rind, thin wedge-shaped slices of Watermelon Radish (a mild radish with a nifty coloration pattern: white on the outside and red on the inside), feta cheese crumbles, and mint leaves! Mint leaves munched with a chunk of watermelon is surprisingly nifty! (Kid really doesn't like mint, so I got all theirs.) The radishes were radishes. The rinds were good, but a little spicy for the kid, so I got most of theirs.

Kid got a burger with bacon, and fries and ate half of it and pronounced it edible. (Kid has been having a queasy stomach off and on so honestly, that's all I ask.) We brought the other half home. I got a pasta of a kind that I don't really remember the name of, AGAIN, which is kind of like an Italian wonton, stuffed with soft cheese (goat cheese, I think?) and herbs and maybe truffle bits? It had a creamy sauce, green beans, asparagus, and mushrooms. Good, good asparagus, and delicious cheese.

We were too stuffed (and kid too stressed from being Out and About) to do dessert.

That is... about the only thing of Interest today. I mean, aside from my Flight Rising stuff where I hatched a Triple Moon, Irishim Stained Nocturne boy and sold him for 75 gems this same day on the AH. (Oh, and someone was looking for a mate for their imperial, and I went searching and FOUND another imperial girl! Except they didn't quite have enough money, so I grabbed her -- there's been a real rush on low-price hatchlings, and 8000 treasure was pretty low -- and private-auctioned her to the person so they could gather up enough treasure to snag her. Good deed for the day!)

...I want an app for this, too:

Havva Quote
I__ [to arcangel]: You also missed "GRAMMAR IS A LIE! THERE IS ONLY TYPOS."
------------------------Quoted by I__------------------------
<<OOC>> Alecto says, "Can you fix my bad its in the log? :)"
<<OOC>> Alecto says, "felt its power. :)"
<<OOC>> Alecto is a bad Sith. Feels bad.
<<OOC>> I__ will fix the bad its.
<<OOC>> I__ says, "Try that on the Sith Editor downstairs, I dare you. :p"
<<OOC>> Alecto would prefer not. :)
<<OOC>> Jen'et heh.

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I get fairly cranky when I am hungry.

Jul. 11th, 2017 11:22 pm
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In other news, I ate breakfast after 4pm today.

I had leftover french toast for dinner. I had, for dessert, a golden kiwi. The fruit, not the bird. They are less acid than green ones, though very sour near the skin. The skin of this one was not as furry as green ones, and thin enough that I ate a lot of the skin. I like 'em.

Spouse has determined that Chestnut Tree #1 is finally flowering, and is very probably male. Chestnut Tree #2 remains leafy and asexual-to-human-eyes. Chestnut Tree #3 is very probably female (well, it makes nuts anyway) and has been flowering and making sterile chestnuts for a few years now. We are probably going to try to take some of #1's pollen over to #3.

Our current theory on where these trees came from is that they were from a breeding project for blight-resistent American Chestnuts, which means that if we get fertile seeds, we should try to grow them.

I should also plant the potatoes that sprouted because they are trying to get out the window and it's a little scary.

See my prior post for good books that, if they are to your taste, would be awesome to buy right now.

...spouse found -- they might need an app. >_>

Havva Quote

M__ grins. Is now an honorary millennial. Yay! :p
arcangel says, “Grats? What did you kill?”
M__ hehehe. “Well, someone on Twitter made a 'I'm a Millennial, STOP ME BEFORE I KILL AGAIN!' shirt. With a list on the back of everything millennials have killed. :)”
arcangel laughs
M__ says, “I said it was really cool and if I could wear it as a filthy Gen-Xer. Though I noted a lot of people think I look 25. :)”
M__ says, “Response: SURE! :D”
arcangel says, “Honorary Millennial!”

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Stuff I've Read Recently

Jul. 11th, 2017 03:39 pm
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Squirrel Girl: Squirrel Meets World: A YA novel above Doreen Green in a brand new junior high, dealing with squirrel powers and toddlers in danger and grouchy new friends and mean girls and a supervillain and politics between tree & ground squirrels. Fast, funny, an absolute delight. Bought myself a copy after originally getting it from the library.

Ms. Marvel, volumes 1 & 2: I really like the protagonist, and while the story moves more slowly than the Squirrel Girl comics do, it's still a lot of fun. Thoughtful and silly and punchy in turns. I'm not thrilled by the art or most of the hook-ins in to the larger superhero universe, but definitely worth reading more in the series.

Ninefox Gambit: A book I've been sitting on for a while, because I knew I had to get some brains put together to read it. Weird, brutal, brilliant military scifi, having a conversation with a lot of the same things Ancillary Justice does, but from a different angle and in a very different setting. Suspect it will please fans of Warhammer 40k. Of which I am not one! But it was a twisty, exuberant, dark, compelling read, with the kind of prose I wish more books these days had. Bought the sequel immediately.

Various volumes of the Dragonbreath and Hamster Princess series: Entertaining as always.

Various volumes of the Laundry Files series: Lovecraftian mythos plus bureaucratic spy comedy. They vary wildly in tone--maybe skip Equoid unless you read horror regularly--but they're great reads, and manage to balance some absurd humor with pretty serious thoughts about acceptable losses and collateral damage when fighting secret wars. Makes me wish that Charlie Stross wrote for In Nomine.

The Magpie Lord + sequels: Secret(ish) magic in Regency or Victorian England, damned if I can recall which, with two prickly and proud men falling in love while dealing with curses and magical enemies and so forth. Good fun, occasionally dark, often adventuresome, be aware that the porn quotient gets higher as the trilogy goes on.
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This is not a good month.

If you can contribute to Seanan McGuire (, or were going to get around to buying one of her books, or one of her albums from (Or one of her-as-Mira Grant's books or short stories.) Now would be good. One of her beloved cats is very sick.

(And again, other people who could use a boost just now: (Fantasy romance, sometimes as the B-plot.) (Time Travel romance, small-town contemp romance; is low-key f/f.))

In other news, kid did some research for the next history project at the library (and discovered prior project got 100, yay!), and I got a few more paragraphs on my smutty m/m fanfic, which is now in wrap-up and outraged station security.

Havva Quote
They didn't know what they were getting into. They were eighteen years old and they thought that was grown. They had signed on for a fight and they didn't know what the end would be.
-- (A Harry Potter fic; what if Snape'd figured out how to apologize to Lily, and made himself a slightly better person?

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Lost and Found

Jul. 9th, 2017 10:37 pm
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So the kid discovered they'd lost their wallet -- and wasn't sure when. ...sigh. Fortunately, when we called Ruby Tuesday's -- where we ate Thursday -- they asked what the name of my kid was (which was a good sign!) and when I gave it, said, "Yup!" So we drove over and had lunch (...breakfast...) there. Yay!

Kid GMed a bit after that, despite Unhappy Innards, and whilst that went on (online game), spouse and I had dinner. And griped about politics, as one does. Then we went shopping, and as I so rarely get to the store anymore, I had a number of impulse buys to make...

I also noted that in their re-org of the store, they'd moved the wine shelves, and made the area much more open than the previously-tight-quarters wine shelves. However, they have a couple of protruding bits, which mean that they don't have to render a long sight-line. (No, seriously, it looks like the right-angle zig-zag that MMOs use when they don't want to render long sight-lines. It's highly amusing.)

Got to bed before 3 in the morning, I think. YAY!

EDIT: If someone wanted to support another internet friend,
(Available at iBooks and thus probably the other usual suspects, too)
would be a pretty decent thing to check out/purchase. And it's got a sequel!
And Moon Etherium is also pretty cool (same author).
(I confess that I haven't yet had the concentration to read the sequel one. First one is a nice solution to a love triangle, includes explicit scenes. *waggles eyebrows* Moon Etherium's romance is more the B-plot, and also has some explicit scenes, and some really high magic stuff, which is an interesting magic system. A Rational Arrangement also has greatcats, who are sapient and small-horse-sized, I gather. They think humans are adorable. I love them.)

Rainbow pictures: (video with sound)
Cat pictures: (Flicker) (Flicker) (Percy)
Earring pictures:
Moth pictures:
Assorted pictures: (that one's from a while back) (DEER!) (STO) (STO) (HELP!) (New Dryer) (Striped Lawn Rat)

Havva Quote
C••••••• says, "Actual line from the Castlevaia cartoon: "Would you please leave my testicles alone?""
arcangel [to C•••••••]: Oh my
--Ah, the high levels of conversation on the MUSH! ^_^

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Got to bed at 5:30am again.

Jul. 8th, 2017 10:18 pm
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Was seriously considering whether I might just ought to stay up. Because hey, why not. But I think I fell asleep pretty quickly once I was in bed, so I guess it was good I did. (I snuck off when, after having been quiet for a while, the kid stirred and said, "See, this is why... this is why everyone is contagious.")

Fever seems to be showing up again off and on, plus while my throat is not usually hurting, it will hurt pretty badly when I talk too much. *sigh*

There were thunderstorms today! Loud and heavy and rain. And then when the kid and I went out for dinner, there was a rainbow! It spanned the entire arc of sky from one vantage, and a bit later, it was a DOUBLE rainbow! And there were clouds made of fire and watercolor. It was awesome and I should get around to tweeting the pictures so I can link them. We went and parked in the deserted parking lot of the insurance company, and the kid got a panorama shot and I got a vid shot because my panoramas kept being not so good. It was awesome. The rainbow was so intense that I saw the purple! Usually I just see the blue and maybe the indigo. Maybe the new glasses are better with the astigmatism on the colors.

I need to figure out what mess is going to happen in the smutty story so I can finish it. And then keep it on my hard drive forever, probably. >_>

Edit: Boxer shorts for period-having people who prefer boxers.

Havva Quote
I__ was honestly expecting Catherine might end up the Final Boss as soon as she touched that cross, it was so obviously a bad plan. XD

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Nearly forgot to update

Jul. 8th, 2017 02:14 am
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We woke up early enough to go to a new breakfast/early-lunch place, and despite it being more crowded than I would've thought the kid could handle, they decided to give it a try, and we got a pretty good booth for not being too much open? I guess? And kid handled this okay, to both our startlement, and good (though a bit expensive, because I added chai, which was okay chai) food, and then we went home and collected computers and went to the library that has the Study Rooms With Doors That Close, and the kid got one of the VLACS assignments done! WOO!

Tomorrow, must try to get more done. Maybe math, maybe history, we shall see.

(Meanwhile, I finished a paragraph and a half on the smuttyfic I've got, and then did comfort copy-editing on the other fanfic thing. ...yes, editing is COMFORTING.)

Then I discovered a fanfic author from ff net had gone and put one of their things on AO3! (Some NSFW chapters, heh.)

And has another pseudonym there, with a VERY DARK Kylo/Rey fic that is totally unhealthy and NSFW and eeeeeeg. As one of the other comments said, "I will go down with this traship." *thumbs up*

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f*** pages: You have found a really amazing spell. Somehow. Feel free to describe it and why it's attached to this book about local history. If you actually recite it, you will take a point of Insanity, but you can take out half the cultists with it.
You paged f*** with ‘I WILL DO THIS UNWISE THING.’

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I slightly better.

Jul. 7th, 2017 12:51 am
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Ran kid around for various appointments (had to wake up a bit early AND there were numerous interrupts to sleep like phone calls and phantom texting-sounds that meant I had to wake up enough to make sure I'd only dreamed them). Emailed my Secretary of State to ask him to please not turn over voter information (in particular, mine) without one (or both) of A: properly filed requests that go through the right agency, and/or B: PAYMENT. Lords, there is no reason to do this "for exposure." As the indies say, PEOPLE DIE OF EXPOSURE. The information is available for sale and they can bloody well pay for it. Not like the state gets huge pork barrels anyway.

Edited my 78K word fanfic a little, whilst re-reading as comfort reading. No, can't show it; has spoilers for kid's fic.

Kid is meanwhile making some progress on some originalfic. And other stuff.

Closed down Panera. Just barely didn't get time to get preferred soup. (Kid had Panera potato soup and Longhorn's potato soup confusticated in their haid, and didn't like the one and did like the other, it turns out.) So kid got the rest of mine (summer chowder). And, happily, a small cup of mac and cheese, whilst I had the rest of my salad.

Logistics suck.

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f••• pages: Oh. Of course. The cultists were trying to get to that cross Iph is carrying, all along. They just thought it was in a church and not on a nun. Must be some martyr-bit in it, or something. That's why some ghosts want it, and others are frightened by it! My god, the things you could do with an artifact like that!

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detective stories

Jul. 7th, 2017 02:02 am
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A couple of visits to the dentist today, and feeling rather shattered now. (Dental restoration: an old filling was giving/had given way, and it was the dentist's opinion that it would be better to just do a replacement on the relevant chunk of tooth than to try to refill it.) Still, at least I should be able to relax about that side of my mouth in the near future...

Work continues extremely busy. But with almost everyone else off on the team awayday today, it was at least nice and quiet in the office.

Have been reading the Tales of Judge Dee by Zhu Xiao Di that [personal profile] flemmings sent me, for which many thanks. It was pleasant to get some new Dee, but I have to say that the author's English was not as good as that of van Gulik, even if his stories may have been more "authentic". One aspect I did like was Sergeant Hoong rebuking the Judge on one occasion with reference to what his father would have thought - an aspect of the "old family retainer" which I don't recall coming up so much in the van Gulik versions.

Had the urge to go and reread some of the Gervase Fen short stories by Edmund Crispin after that, and even if the stories are (mostly) more puzzle than character, the actual writing is extremely fluid and well done. I'm reminded of why I end up rereading the Fen books every now and again.


He explained at great length. He explained with a sense of righteous indignation and frustration of spirit. - The Moving Toyshop, Edmund Crispin

If you took the Rector from the top downwards, the first thing you saw was iron-grey hair thatching a high, noble forehead. Below this point, however, matters deteriorated abruptly. No doubt about it, the Rector's actual face was simian - so that the overall effect was as if Jekyll had got stuck half-way in the course of switching himself to Hyde. The clothes were a crumpled, laurel-spattered clerical black, with dog-collar and with outsize cracked black shoes. Despite bow legs, the height was six foot three, and the frame was formidable. 'I'm not,' the Rector had once complacently remarked, 'the type of thing you want to meet unexpectedly on a dark night.'
-- The Glimpses of the Moon, Edmund Crispin
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